Was a Black slave treated any worse than an English press-ganged sailor or powder-monkey?

This whole worshipping at blacks feet, taking-the-knee thing is so fucked up, Black Africans were instrumental in the Black slave trade in exactly the same way as the brithish govt. press-gangs would go round English public houses and cosh drunks who would wake up at sea, suddenly as a lowly-sailor! And the punishment for disobedience for white-english sailors was equally the lash or finally keel-hauling….

It’s another irony, Mutiny on the Bounty, was a true story, with cruelty by the captain, who proved himself either a good sailor or in favour with God and managed to navigate a row boat some ludicrous distance to safety….

(I mean broadly speaking, obviously the early slave transports were quite barbaric, but do you think the term barbaric actually came from the north african barbary coast? the barbary pirates?)

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