The question asked, “Would You Press The Button?”, It’s not called M.A.D. for nothing!

So they asked Liz “Tank-Commander” Truss Only? if she would press the button? But not “Itchy” Sunak?

But there is no point having a nuclear deterrent if you had someone angling for leadership who said “No!” to that question…

I mean seems to me the rulers of this cuntery are certifiable psycopaths… individually could not fight their way out of a paper bag, but then, they do not need to, they got stunt-men bodyguards eh! They got others to implement their edicts! Mercenaries a plenty eh!

I mean the nuke question is a tricky one, I think as the nuke reaction does have uses, then really need to be very proficient, and very safe in its use…

I mean the classic “Space Cowboys” film planting a nuke on an asteroid, like to we do need them. (Or the classic Family Guy where they banned guns and got attacked by a load of mutant Stewies)

Myself i trust the Russians to an extent and seems can see from the whole international-financier backed isis in Syria where Yanks stepped in uninvited (and steal oil) the Russians were invited, and seem to have done a good job of not shooting down yanks… then there is the whole Turkey interest in Syria, I mean the place was fucked up by an international-financier funded guerrilla/mercenary operation it seems to me.

So i mean really the START treaty is laughable, only got enough nukes to destroy the world 100 times over, yeah, that sounds really safe!

How do you manage such a problem, why are we even enemies of the Russians? Why are ukranians taping people who speak russian to lamp posts naked or with their pants down!

Whoops Apocalypse eh!

Probably a few conclusions you could arrive at :

  1. Its all fucking theatre designed to make the rich richer… ffs some (Scots? Yank? international-financier) gas company in north sea seen profits rise from 130 million to 1.3 fucking billion pounds
  2. certifiable psycopaths at the cuntrols of the west.
  3. “they” have an escape plan.
  4. the proles will never get organised with such a clever plan of identity politics that worse-than ridicules the idea that “we are all White-British” or worse “English” eh!. We are all white Europeans eh! That is the real battle of numbers… China-united 1.5 billion people, India-united 1.5 Billion people eh! Europe divided…. (but I Believe in a Christian-anarchist-collective that Europeans have regional identities, not wanting to force Christianity on the rest of the world, nor denigrating the rest of the world as not-christians) And OK Africa is divided with a billion or so, but since South-Africa and Gadaffi were ousted no real chance of that continent having any unity or any effect other than used as tools to invade the west and tools used by international-financiers to run bent governments that strip-mine the place. Oh yeah and the odd dodgy individual to run the W.H.O. eh!
  5. They have attacks at all levels of the Maslowe hierarchy, they basically already fucked up all those at the self-realisation level with identity politics and licentiousness, now the attack has switched to the base level of keeping warm and dry and getting food and water eh! The level of swine our rulers are is off the charts…. (But it’s classic martial arts… though that tends to be low-high rather than high-low, but in extended combinations any works)
  6. You can probably trace large part of the cause of the modern problem back to the person/associates who advised maxim to sell his machine gun to european governments…. but, european governments have been fighting each other with state-of-the-art weapons for several centuries, before the indentured yank serfs got independence… so we should be quite competent if we united, including Russia and the Yanks!

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