Ah! maybe they are towing the p.o.w. up to scotland for a purpose/ruse?

As an extra airbase just in case “Wee Jimmy Crankie” “fishy” sturgeon being funded by Chinese/Russians/Israelis to declare a breakaway republic LOL

Like in some irony English wind up nuking Faslane to make sure Scots nutters don’t get the nukes???? And what about the Scots capturing queenie at her vast scottish estate eh! Crikey! who gives a fuck?

I Think it is safe to say the Scots will not be getting any weapons off Gaddafi, but the yanks eh! Maybe!, If it suits them…..

I guess it’s great to be an international-financier, just get your government stooges to borrow loads of money off you as the government (i.e. the taxpayer prole foots the bill) and start saying you have shipped “N-Billion-pounds-worth” of weapons which is what the budget shows but have not seen any accounting to say that weapon was fired… I mean the highly-corrupt ukranian govt, could shoot a 25 pence Khyber-made rpg shell at an existing fucked-tank and brithish-brainwashed public would say that was £500,000 well spent eh! Also given these international financiers are already earning interest on the debt that originally purchased the weapons, before the new debt to ukraine for the same weapons was added to their interest income!

It’s theatre, but these stuntmen actually die, though those actors in-the-know probably flit around like “super-fly” eh!

Seems to me usurers and their psy.co. propagandists are a cancerous growth that needs some surgical strikes!

Anyway kind of talking of nuke-targets, I hope “scurvy” schwab is being tracked in real time with a major alert anytime he goes off radar and be prepared for it not being him that comes back on radar…. i.e. all vehicles/underground-tunnel type options around blackout are explored!!! Ah! anyway, only a figurehead like queenie, give them the odd large diamond every now and then they stay on-side eh!

In summary, it’s like the Arnhem plan eh! Which possibly actually was good, but, tanks not ordered to follow through because of bigger money-making plans? Or… ???? fuck knows… it occurred to me maybe this was an actual breakdown but observing from an alternate timeline actually stopped a nuclear war… ????? had it been there then????

But still, not enough shame poured on our warmonger government over this abject failure… Not even the “Queen Elizabeth” (what? like fucking battlestar galactica?) to come to the rescue!

I kind of expect trident to breach the water fire up quite a bit, arm the warhead, then come plummeting back down on the sub LOL

Oh yeah, and the story about the “lightnings” being largely grounded as the ejector seats do not work!!!! LOL!!! and I was like, but surely once you are out of ammo you will be crashing the plane into the target anyway LOL

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