rate of inflation of bread and butter !

sunflower oil is like almost “unobtainium” eh!

fucking inflation rate on bread and butter is 25% +, sunflower oil is 100% +

swine at the office for national statistics… really as despicable as they say the national socialists were eh!

If only it were possible to do a “neo” style attack on the bbc headquarters eh!, you would probably still miss the target, it was Babylon 5 that covered the least likely spot being the most likely target…

the attack on the uke supermarket, I cannot think of a better spot (using my knowledge of book of ninja and assorted history) for a command post! or simply either incompetent ukrainians with missiles or a deliberate strike and twist of the story to blame the “baby-bayoneting” russians eh! (of course could have been incompetent russians or dodgy missiles) like I looked at the video of people in the park as the alleged strike occurred, looked like a big one…. either staged video or some shrapnel (which can take the form of just stones kicked up from the earth) I’d say I’m 30% confident it was staged video, or that fucker that jumped in the water thought it was a nuke or was hit by shrapnel

what is really really really etc. fishy is how well the rouble is performing eh!

speculators eh! need their eyes poking out, their hands and dicks cut off and their arseholes connected to their gobs through a tube! Actually, maybe leave their eyes in but cut off their ears and partially obscure their vision with them using superglue.. all the better for them to bemoan the tube between their indistinguishable arsehole and gobs…. is it possible for someone to puke up their arsehole? chain reaction ending eh!

Of course the lack of satellite footage also makes me very suspicious, could all be just occurring in the you-know-who owned media “productions” whilst the elite are all just getting massively richer, I cannot imagine a punishment fitting for that, I hope God can!

A funny scenario occurred to me!

What if a few million Germans had simply waltzed through Europe, unarmed, barging their way in, throwing their weight around, saying “you are all anti-germanic” would they have won world war one?

No, I think not, it was not a politically correct enough era back then… still very much Ragnar Redbeard era… (run by murderous swine far removed from the action with several layers of more murderous swine between them and the public eh!) as fundamentally, with extra layers of veneer, it is today eh!

What makes us as humans successful, tools eh! back then it was guns, dynamite, latest poison-gas, now it is very much more weapons of the mind and propaganda.

Back then “Baby-bayoneting Germans” was a bad propaganda thing, whereas, “planned-parenthood” bayoneting babies in the womb is now a good thing eh! (not that I am totally anti-abortion but I think it is, like gender-surgery, over encouraged)

On Reflection… This recent Lock Down was a good way to prepare a population for a limited nuclear war

Don’t you think?

Do you think it will be contained to a limited war?
Some will be in hardened bunkers for sure!

Like that fragment from Dr. Strangelove, where Peter Sellers as Strangelove was talking about selecting nubiles for the bunkers… foreshadowing of the timeline scenario of Logans Run!… a good concept Logans Run was!!!! I mean I say a good concept, I mean a plausible concept, kind of a version of “Brave New World”. (ISTM the world is already waltzing into brave new world eh!)

If I could find the clip of Peter Cook as Prime Minister in “Whoops Apocalypse” where he proposed a massive distribution of union jack umbrellas to ward off the flash, blast and fallout LOL! (and elsewhere in the film getting people to walk over a cliff to help with unemployment… which is another really close-to-the-bone observation)

Nuclear proof umbrella, do you get a free vaccine with that?
Hopefully this is not our future… no LOL (OK a few chuckles)

This is before the pandemic but the line “Remain Indoors and take whatever injections are recommended in the area” is very prophetic,.

Almost as if “them” are taking the piss through their myriad broadcast-channels eh!