A funny scenario occurred to me!

What if a few million Germans had simply waltzed through Europe, unarmed, barging their way in, throwing their weight around, saying “you are all anti-germanic” would they have won world war one?

No, I think not, it was not a politically correct enough era back then… still very much Ragnar Redbeard era… (run by murderous swine far removed from the action with several layers of more murderous swine between them and the public eh!) as fundamentally, with extra layers of veneer, it is today eh!

What makes us as humans successful, tools eh! back then it was guns, dynamite, latest poison-gas, now it is very much more weapons of the mind and propaganda.

Back then “Baby-bayoneting Germans” was a bad propaganda thing, whereas, “planned-parenthood” bayoneting babies in the womb is now a good thing eh! (not that I am totally anti-abortion but I think it is, like gender-surgery, over encouraged)