So are israel paying us (the taxpayer/voter) to protect them or do the payments go to those that make the decisions?

fishy rishi definitely not an anti-semite eh! and that’s what counts eh!

seriously that was quite hilarious them announcing iran has launched an attack and it might take 2 hours to get there LOL And then the israelis come up with the classic propaganda, only a little girl was injured eh!

does anyone want to explain why we are protecting israelis against ineffective iranian strikes and not gazans against israeli murderous strikes? seems to me we should be shooting down israeli planes and bombing israeli artillery sites.

So, not funny really, Nigerian Princess graduates from sandhurst congratulated by a french bigwig????

1 of the 700,000 last year eh!

Not being able to understand the ludicroulsy accentuated accent of the fucker supposed to understand you telling them to traverse gun to 2 o’clock (or vice versa) is our greatest strength eh! possibly second to accepting german or polish as our overly-verbosen-grossen language eh!

I’d say I’ve seen another 100 or so of the 700,000 being a several hundred/thousand percent increase in this town.

I saw a set of govt.-funded business seminars advertised… “make diversity your business” eh!

I guess I feel kind of chinese racism style, “only teach kung-fu to chinese” thing, LOL our martial arts ain’t so good anymore eh! No more hammer vs. fleshies eh, we, (general british), are the fleshies now eh!

I wonder if sandhurst are still waiting for the bank transfer LOL

political capital eh! for the profit of some.

How about this? Pundits on broadcast radio and T.V. have to put up a cash bond to back their prediction…

How about this? Pundits on broadcast radio and T.V. have to put up a cash bond to back their prediction…

Should their prediction be wrong, the cash bond goes to an integrity-in-broadcast charity.

The cash amounts of the bonds perhaps variable, be a tricky scale to work out.

Also the issue of general falsities, like hartley brewer I heard claiming Russian casualties were ten times that of Ukraine. I suspect that is false, of course whose stats are we using, will the truth ever be known whichever side wins? Lie A or Lie B eh!

Controversial… “The swastika is not anti-semitic”!!!! The swastika predates the national socialists by aeons…

So some right-wing p.c. type character on the alex jones show was dissing that copper for pointing out a fact… The swastika is not anti-semitic…. It’s just an ancient talisman, found in hindu and buddhist and other cultures… rotating either way, clockwise or anti….

And anti-jewism predates the nazis by aeons… though that set have rebranded it “anti semitism” to distract from that it is anti organised-jewism usurer central. i.e. by calling someone anti-semitic somehow you are not naming the jew…… the palestinians are ancestrally semitic… I think Dagon, Moloch and Baal are semitic g-ds…. Perhaps a good response to someone calling you “anti-semitic” ask them which of the semitic gods they worship eh! no… brass-necked I would say describes them well as a generalism. I think they have a jewy word for it… chutzpah!

reading “The Jew of Malta” is a good start to understanding it I think. predates the nazi’s by a long time. Was it the origin of the phrase “hoisted by your own petard” because that’s how it ends. A basic summary of the plot is, the jew will sell the christians out to the islamists if he thinks that’s how he can keep his fortune, and personally plot murder against the christians. but his daughter was instrumental in his downfall, (actually not true what I said, She was only instrumental in warning the Christians, he was entirely responsible for the petard.) so not entirely an anti-jew play. (of course I have checked the background of the leaders of feminism so I would say not all jew wimmin are good, which is to be expected of course, trends do not equal an every-case fact… )

Need to distinguish as usual the leaders of a collective from the individuals in a collective… international-jewry it seems to me is largely the psy-war rotters… individual jews… well like most folk they follow the trail to the easy-life I guess, if that means following their international-jewry aristocracy then so be it.

That copper trying to explain to the irate jewess that in certain contexts the swastika is not anti semitic… (and actually it seems wrong for the opposition to use it to try and relate zionism with nazis as the swastika is entirely innocent I think!)

Like it seems to me calling the worst of the blacks, apes, is disrespectful to the apes. (though can certainly see gorilla-gone-wrong in some of these black (and white) women it seems to me…)

talking of talismans… the israel flag is just that, I think they call it the magen-david but it is possibly “the seal of soloman” or the “star of remphan” I have seen it described as a taoist talisman… like the chinese boxers eh! wearing this talisman makes you bullet-proof LOL (but maybe) (I like the british planes with a roundel target on them LOL)

I suppose you could legitimately say you are anti-semitic as you are against those semitics human-sacrifice gods ???? (which enters into a kind of massive paradox of Jesus eh!)

I guess you have to have read the old greek? or whatever story of the semitic worshipper of the spook who liked the odd nubile female virgin every new moon or whatever, until it was his daughter selected, but then, probably 10 or 10,000 to every one of him who just went along with it… plenty more of them where they came from, especially if you were fucking your daughters anyway…

I think that is kind-of the tale of St. George and “The Dragon” (right so dagon is dragon with a silent r eh!) anyway isn’t it? St. George of Semiteville, Palestine/Lebanon/Syria area. I think the time of St. George was pre-moosephlegm…. so basic religion of area was semitic… i.e. assorted child sacrifice…. and yes… sanger abortion, rantzen assisted suicide eh! will they call it “rantzen travel inc., for your one way ticket to the other side” ???? The utter scuzzbuckets at daily mail putting that dutch cunt feeling a bit down booked up for suicide as top story when in tiny column they have ex mi6 head and some major saying, sure they knew what they were doing blowing up those food-aid cars eh! (so 3 ex british military ??? in more ways than one eh!) daily mail rotated through several astonishingly non-stories as headlines today/yesterday distracting from big story eh! as for that dutch cunt, sure I could do it cheaper, get me one of those new xm7’s the new 6.8 ammo probably rather expensive, but reckon I could pump her full of lead for half price! whilst she was attempting to run away LOL I mean wouldn’t she rather be hunted and killed by me rather than a boring old “rantzen-travel-inc.” drugs overdose? (actually the hunting bit may add some costs… so just the start at 10 paces and she starts running away scenario for half-price LOL)

The .xz thing eh! The amazing nature of Linux enthusiasts spotted it eh! However, look at the kind of infiltrators in entire british system, I’m thinking more like tip-of-the-iceberg…

So I tried to sign up to gitlab to complain about network-manager lack of passive scan on the thread someone else had complained about lack of passive wifi-scan, the owners of the thread seemed to diss it as unnecessary… I was going to point out the multiple nodes static in a busy area and the router goes down thing, generally trying to keep router-bothering traffic quiet… the active scan when router goes off busies up the whole multi-band environment.

Then could not get past the recaptcha… the repeated which squares have motorcycle in it??? the tip of the footpeg? the tip of the wing mirror? the fucking blurry picture no-one could say had a motorcycle in it? dumbed down for the unobservant masses? or worse psycho-stuff?

Classic typical upgrade makes some things shitter, OK may improve some things but…. windows eh! No visible improvement to me in 11 over 7, but the marketing hooks they have in windows 11 must make them cum in their pants at the thought of revenue eh! (or buy the prossies anyway)

I guess there is a borganism consensus everyone needs to be connected everywhere, expecting mobile stuff anyway and all the add-ons to wifi spec for multiple bssid on one name etc.

actually the original complainant said possibly the main problem, that regardless of if the mac is randomised, if you are looking for a named access point that is as leaky as a fixed mac. As leaky as that chief office gossip that likes to get alongside you, all the better to gather gossip..

and if the wifi interface card cannot passively pick up beacons with the bssid and/or apname then why bother trying to connect? it is too weak!

I guess two conflicting modes of use of wifi, a static node with big varying signal strength to a static ap is fishy!… yet expected on say your mobile phone, given only 3db difference is half or double normal (though 10db apparently in audio/sound-waves a doubling) of course a lot of factors in play.

Not sure who would look at this German football top and not see the SS runic style, just a rotate right about 33 degrees eh! my guess is an adidas diversity hire dunnit innit!

The question then is sabotage or stupidity/ignorance?

Oh yeah it was adidas hired old fish-sticks eh! LOL! (I mean the phrase “madder than a lorry full of bags of badgers” sprung to mind just looking at his so-called “fashion” but look at the company-of-fashion… dodgy collective anyway. A funny song, (ha-ha and no-ha-ha) “Fashion is Danger” by “Flight of the Conchords” LOL)

And ze new opposite-extreme germans now chose nike for future contract eh! even after our football shirt ipcress mind-fuck not a st georges cross at all thing eh! (and to point out such a thing would probably run the gamut of misogyny, transphobia, racism, extremism etc. etc. which is the under strESS bit of ipcress, the older story of emperors new clothes even….)

what would occams razor conclude about that eh? (I would say it would conclude money-printer go Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, buy lots of saboteurs and assassins…., well, digital-currency they don’t even need money-printers now eh! (only on minor but perhaps disproportionately effective scale, as long as you can spend hard cash which with new gateway vending machines and the kind of utter cunts in management you cannot rely on it…. cannot even rely on plastic working as demonstrated by greggs and sainsburies etc. recently… invest in a bazooka and practice bazooka jumping eh! ))

Talking of “diversity-hires” it occurred to me a large chunk of the 700,000 brown people they imported this year were probably required by the utter scuzzbuckets in the “human-resources” “sector” to meet their clucking diversity hire targets ????????? (well that and the immigrant/accommodation-and-services racket, rachman type thing.. run by that spearhead set…)

I would like to see a quite precise accounting of this single years 700,000 immigrants, down to these educational establishments getting fuck all off british students and now the education-meister set exported all production abroad and the billions of money abroad, are allowed to charge the full racket package for foreigners at expense of locals. And the rachman-type set I would expect to be quite large contingent… one and the same I reckon…

So, the CofE patriarchy ignores what it says in the bible about women and lets them in, and this one calls for ‘anti-whiteness’ and ‘smashing the patriarchy’.

Similar thing with a segment of the immigrants it seems to me.

Church of England archdeacon calls for ‘anti-whiteness’ and ‘smashing the patriarchy’ but insists she is not ‘anti-white’ or ‘anti-men’

So this british? bank, web front page, not only is only person image on the page a black woman, the only example name on the example app screens is ms. ranjit khyber eh!

fucking banksters!

the power of the one bank to rule them all eh! government cannot make policy they do not like or they will cut off funding eh!

I guess the key observation is that every new immigrant to this cunterie is a new customer for a british bank eh! Very difficult to operate without plastic and your number in modern society. Whereas even a white child born today will not become a new active customer for another 15 or so years eh! so do you think banksters will be pro-immigration? Certainly!

That is to say every white adult in this country is already a customer of a bank, so no new money to be had there eh! whereas sunak has let in 700,000 new customers for british banks last year alone eh! Without even mention of the dirty deed being done until after the fact eh! no referendum, no vote in the commons, no policy to do it, nothing eh! yet done eh!

And to put that into context, that is ten times the size of the british army been imported in one single year of brown people, who even if not actively anti-white, would not care if the white race went extinct tomorrow eh!

That is to say, if you do not know, at least three of the main bank names all have the same head office in edinburgh and the same directors of the last holding company I traced at companies house. (difficult to trace back from a holding company as to what it holds… via the companies house public user-interface anyway, would be easy with access to the sql database. plus they have a tendency to end the visible chain of holding companies in the channel islands eh!)

And after writing this I just noticed the bbc have a kind of “wave their willy in your face” type piss take article about it, including poor asian struggling to find staff for his 5 norfolk care homes, which personally I would order investigated as to just how hard he tried to recruit white staff, what the conditions in the homes are like and if he is operating some kind of bonded-serf accommodation type thing with the foreigners he imports and building himself a paid for by other people property empire.

I thought when I noticed cars without any manual window winder this was inevitable!

Mitch McConnell’s sister-in-law Angela Chao drowned in her Tesla after the vehicle’s strengthened glass was unable to be broken after she reversed into a pond.

and sure I posted on here about it in the past, seemed stupid to me to rely on power being available to open a window, sounds like the door has no manual override from the inside either so could not be opened if electrics go down.

Do not know how that state of affairs got past safety inspectors…. the new diversity crew as usual, spend all their time affirming their colleagues gender delusions ?

And this is not schadenfreude, I am sorry to hear about it, from looking at her she had an attractive exterior and do I not know her character, but could have been anyone.

(But could they not have tried shooting a window out if they were able to stand on the car?)

Apocalypse supplies LOL

White people only LOL, Poundland got a 3 for a pound Bull-Brand lighters with an LED torch built in at the moment. Tested… one lighter not exactly heavy-smoker main-lighter tested, but refilled a couple of times and the LED is quite good! Months later still firing good light.

I read somewhere the simple lighter or matches is overlooked… (like a tin opener LOL), 6 months after apocalypse could appear “god-like” with one of these LOL or two, lefty to light the scene and righty to light the tinder.

The parliamentary process, was the speaker wrong? depends on your angle/desired-outcome I guess.

I mean talk radio today have been banging on incessantly about broken parliament, but then all the time since the astonishing gaza events talk radio have been mainly “let israel do what it wants”.

I’d say it is somewhat broken when all the M.P.’s main concern is not falling foul of the israel lobby and their anti-semitism mud flinging. when israel lobby says jump the M.P.’s generally ask “how high?” eh!

I mean seems to me what happened was instead of 3 motions to vote on he simply short cut it to the watered down one in the middle rather than the very watered down one of the tories. It is a kind of time thing I guess as well, I guess if they voted on all three then the most watered-down alternative tory amendment would have passed and the other two perhaps not? I mean I am not an expert on the process myself. And yes maybe his action did avoid the labour party having a rebellion against the whip, and that metaphor says it all eh! the party whip!

But it’s also very case dependent, in this case could be all the tories would have just voted yes for their own watered down motion and no to the others, whereas by just having one motion to vote for, maybe some tories voted up a level as they too think a ceasefire is needed, and the wording of the middle motion is slightly sterner. HOWEVER at the U.N. security council, U.K. abstained from the ceasefire vote, and I’m not sure that much democracy is involved in the way the british establishments U.N. drone is ordered to vote… I wonder who does order what way the U.K. voting-drone votes at the U.N.

Some tory on talk radio I caught a snippet of, dissing the labour part for lack of unity as though being a lick-spittle drone is the standard state of a good “party” M.P.

Seems to me the “party” politics and the “party” whip thing is part of the democratic problem.

Postscript: Got that asian woman braverman claiming islamists and anti-semites run the country, however I would say that is not an objective observation based on the fact she is married to a jew and so has a vested interest/attachment. I would say, who let all the anti-white foreigners into the country anyway? As several commenters in the comments sections of the news outlets have said… Mp’s demand more security, the rest of us have to live with it.

OK on talk radio one of them suggested T.V. Drama runs the country, (i.e. the post office scandal and that is another example of parliament taking it to other extreme of letting them all off even though some may actually be guilty) I would say that is an astute observation, but obviously they would not take it to its real level, that television (and more recently worse stuff like tiktok) programs all people who see it as well, it is all either blatant agit-prop or more subtle agit-prop, I mean I would observe from the few adverts I see (as I do not watch t.v.) it is always a white woman and black male mixed race couple. And as for the google art a.i. erasing white people from history, that is the real state of where the level of threat to the white race is at in my opinion.

Of course agit-prop can also be good, one of those perspective things. You might think pro witch agit-prop is good, you might think pro christian agit-prop is good, never the twain shall meet ?

Perhaps a warning that should pursue diplomacy first?

Seems a lack of diplomacy on a lot of issues, especially the Ukraine nationalism and their anti-Russian attitude. However it seems to me to also due to western vested interests having bought up a lot of Ukraine (i.e. yanks on boards of ukraine companies) and not wanting to lose their interests which were quite possibly leveraged by bribing Ukraine officials. Regarding Palestine long term a lot of long term back-burner allowing Israel to chip away at Palestinian territory and rights, and on talk radio today a certain shrill presenter woman going on about other children dying elsewhere in the world getting no news coverage (err… well isn’t that partially her fault being a “news” presenter supposedly talking about important issues avoiding those issues herself) , all the while avoiding the rate-of-death statistic of civilians in Gaza presently. And it seems from the short time I can endure her voice, the majority of callers allowed on the air being pro israel.

Second failed test in a row apparently, though I can see they are maybe testing outside the normal launch parameters to give themselves more flexibility, I hope they were a bit canny on getting replacement missiles for like half price or something to share the data.

Along with several failed attempts of both the new aircraft carriers to actually move about.

Anyway my opinion there is lack of diplomacy, but then technology has come on well where they can have underground bunkers with artificial light grown foods so could live quite well, and they are all into self genetic modification, transhumanism and plastic surgery anyway so not really attached to the real world anymore and are currently making a lot of money off war, so there may be method to their seeming madness.

These two articles appeared in Daily Mail Today

There was quite a lot of space between the articles, possibly enough for modern ADD mindrinsed people to have forgotten seeing the first by the time they saw the second. I wondered if they had been placed one after the other, more people might have drawn a causation type mental link between the two articles.

And in other reporting/speculating about the daily mail, they have put Peter Hitchens behind the “Mail Plus” paywall. All his articles I have seen since introduction of the new paywall have been put behind the paywall. I agree with much of what Hitchens says (though agree he is a pompous arse) and would read his articles if they were free, but I’m not paying, and I suspect a lot of people are similar, and as Hitchens has contrarian views regarding peace talks in Ukraine and Mask mandates etc. In my opinion it makes propaganda sense to restrict the number of people his contrarian views reach eh!

And all the media today are on a Meghan and Harry bender for some reason… acres of story space on their skiing antics eh! But it’s all being filmed for their show anyway, so why annoy the rest of us with crap about them when anyone interested could just watch their show ??? Some propaganda technique probably. Slow news day or some political shenanigans going on today to be distracted from perhaps?

The Aircraft Carriers, It’s All Good! I bet it was managed by a diverse team of diversity officers.!

The Aircraft Carriers, It’s All Good! I bet it was managed by a diverse team of diversity officers.!… and that’s the main thing eh!

Well, it’s one way to avoid them being sunk at sea I guess! Not being able to set sail in the first place.

But as someone pointed out, both currently moored next to each other, one small precise battlefield nuke would take them both out in port.

They seem to have played the latest failure to set sail down in all the mainstream media, I would have thought it was headline worthy, how utterly shite the management of this cunterie are! As if the cunterie needs another reminder of that…. So good reason to keep it out of the headlines I guess, perhaps too many repeat failures of the carriers for even the shittish public to accept. ?

Unforunately I think the shittish public maybe beyond aborting this already initiated self-destruct sequence.